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XYZ Type unveils Polymode Sans, applauded for originality

Polymode Sans
Polymode Sans

Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan, the dynamic duo behind XYZ Type, are gaining recognition for creating unique, functional fonts, with Polymode Sans for a digital foundry as their latest feat. Their novel approach to font design and meticulous attention to detail sets them apart in the industry. Their expertise manifests in Polymode Sans, a font receiving significant acclaim for its originality and performance.

Operating from New York and St. Louis, XYZ Type is known for designing custom typefaces for publications, cultural institutions, and brands. Their strategic offices help them cater to a diverse clientele across different time zones. Their unique take on designs informed by historical typographical trends and latest technologies is what sets them apart in the saturated market.

Recently, XYZ Type joined forces with Polymode, a design studio functioning under queer and minority ownership. Together, they aimed to deliver a unique typeface reflecting Polymode’s ethos and versatile workflow mechanism.

Unique font design approach by XYZ Type

The resulting typeface embodies Polymode’s mission and visually represents its dynamic approach to design. This partnership depicts a successful blend of diverse creativity perfectly encapsulated in a distinct typography.

In one of his lectures, Ragan stressed the importance of a unique typeface, stating that it adds a standout personality to creative works. According to him, a unique typeface paves the way for simplicity, clarity, and versatility and creates a long-lasting impression on the audience. He also stressed the essential role of careful consideration of typeface selection relating to the tone and style of the project.

Ragan acknowledged the complexity of creating a typeface that fits diverse scenarios. However, he expressed enthusiasm for the challenge owing to Polymode’s involvement in various design fields, from book design to exhibit layouts to identity branding. This diverse portfolio called for a font that could provide versatility, a challenge Ragan found invigorating.

The design process of Polymode Sans began on the foundation of “Lining Gothic.” However, XYZ Type transformed it into a unique font that brilliantly encapsulates Polymode’s creative inspirations and work style. This dynamic font is a testament to the harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation, reflecting Polymode’s unique artistic expression in every stroke and curve.

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