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Tucson sees growth in women-led businesses

Tucson Women Growth
Tucson Women Growth

In Tucson, a positive change is brewing in the industry with the rising number of women-led businesses. A standout example of this trend is The Broken Circle Soap Co., a venture driven by women over 40 years, debunking age as a barrier to entrepreneurship.

Launched by Desiree Davis and Tahnee Wilson, The Broken Circle Soap Co. made its mark by delivering unrivaled quality in bath-time and body care products. Davis harnesses her real estate and loan service sector proficiency, while Wilson, a certified respiratory therapist, doubles as the company’s primary soap maker.

Initially operating from the founders’ homes, the relentless demand drove the business to relocate to a large production room with an adjoining storefront.

Tucson’s surge in female entrepreneurship

This strategic switch marked the transition from a home-based startup to a full-scale professional establishment, culminating in an uptick in visibility and sales.

The company’s studio, nestled in Oro Valley, actively fosters a startup-friendly ecosystem by offering incubation spaces. This dual functionality serves as a bustling hub for entrepreneurs and a captivating retail and viewing space for visitors, a testament to the novel strategy of catalysing business growth while catering to diverse needs.

From lip butter to candles, The Broken Circle Soap Co offers an array of affordably-priced products, ranging from $4 to $18. The company takes particular pride in crafting unique soap lines dedicated to children and men, reflecting its commitment to a broad customer base.

Striving to employ and inspire more women, The Broken Circle Soap Co has garnered recognition from the local Chamber of Commerce. As one of the 106 new small-scale ventures launched as of December 2020, the company has been able to thrive thanks to community programs and economic development department incentives, showcasing its potential in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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