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Tips for Using Data and Automation to Improve the Customer Experience

A recent IBM study revealed a large “customer experience gap” between how companies perceive they are interacting with customers and how customers actually feel businesses are engaging with them. With consumer expectations on the rise, how can you close this gap? One of the best ways is by delivering incredibly relevant content, and that typically requires capturing key data and using automation to drive more personalized interactions based on this data.

Join Talibah Mbonisi, director of marketing operations for Silverpop, an IBM Company, as she shares tips for using data and automation to drive engagement. Talibah will discuss how you can:

  • Get more automated by programming communication rules that change depending on how a person has interacted with your brand
  • Find the right criteria to shape the content you serve up to customers based on their behaviors, preferences and demographics
  • Treat each person as an individual with unique interests and needs to deliver a better experience across channels and devices
  • More effectively engage customers and prospects throughout the customer lifecycle, using real-life examples from Silverpop’s internal marketing team
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