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Significant drop in link visibility observed on Google

Link Visibility Drop
Link Visibility Drop

On May 27, 2024, SEO community, led by Leonard Brahm, started discussing a significant drop in link visibility on Google Search Console. One website experienced a 30% link visibility drop, leading others to note similar issues. Such sudden changes in visibility raise questions about Google’s indexing efficiency and its vital implications for site highlighting.

A substantial decrease in external backlinks from high domain authority sites was reported by numerous individuals within the SEO community. Instances of disappearing links were found, leaving digital marketers emphasizing that link quantity may have decreased, but their quality still plays a crucial role in search engine rankings.

No official announcement has been made by Google despite speculation among the SEO and digital marketing communities. Many wonder whether this decrease in backlinks results from a Google Search Console bug or a strategic decision from Google, possibly related to a larger algorithm update.

The most obvious irregularities were found on English-language websites with Indonesian (.id) sites appearing unaffected. This raises further queries about the influences at stake.

As no definitive explanation for this unusual occurrence is known, close monitoring of Google Search Console and website metrics is recommended. Additionally, Google’s potential neglect of genuine links or halting content indexing are growing concerns.

Reduced visibility could notably reduce web traffic and influence user experiences negatively.

Decreased visibility results in a reduced number of visible links and might also influence SEO performance. Consequently, specific websites’ ranking on the Google search engine may be affected. Thus, continuous monitoring of this situation is necessary for prompt rectification if required.

There’s a consistent decline reported in the number of indexed pages on Google Search Console, causing some alarm. This substantial decrease in online visibility affects many, and with no immediate explanation from Google, industry experts speculate about this unexpected development’s fundamental cause and potential impact.

With external links driving traffic to site homepages suddenly disappearing, stress among users is increasing. The drop in site rankings and incoming visitors is producing administrators’ panic. Moreover, the lack of common elements among affected sites is frustrating troubleshooting efforts.

Historical data highlights a drastic decrease from a peak of 2.5 million links in August 2018 to merely 215,000 in June 2023. This 90% drop is attributed to stricter regulations, technological modifications, and shifting user behaviour.

Discussions on this situation continue, and Google users are encouraged to partake and share observations to help understand what’s happening. Open participation will foster deeper insights and drive meaningful analysis, and hence, bring about robust solutions.

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