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Ronge brothers launch Earned Identity consultancy

"Identity Launch"
“Identity Launch”

Mattias Ronge and Stefan Ronge, ex-joint creative heads at Edelman, have launched Earned Identity, a new consultancy. Through their expertise and experience, they aim to incorporate an earned component into creative endeavours, enhancing brand narratives.

The Ronge brothers will serve as creative consultants without holding any official job titles. Their role is to support clients in navigating challenges, such as brand image and targeted communication, assuming duties critical to a skilled creative consultant.

Based in Stockholm, Earned Identity plans to cater to clients and brands globally. While client identities remain confidential, the agency has established several clients. The Ronge brothers have strategically created a network of creative and strategic experts rather than a permanent staffing structure.

Earned Identity: new creative consultancy approach

This approach allows them to adapt to international market demands and a broad spectrum of client needs.

The primary objective of Earned Identity is to guide agencies toward integrating earned strategic practices into their operations. This includes building structures that incorporate earned innovation into strategic methodologies, fostering a culture of innovation, and facilitating the realization of unique ideas.

In their previous venture, Deportivo, the Ronge brothers played a significant role in winning 16 awards at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity after merging with Edelman. They then moved on to establish Damn Good Agency, quickly garnering a strong reputation for innovative marketing and pushing creative limits.

Stefan Ronge has expressed enthusiasm about reinterpreting ‘earned communication’. The aim is to position the earned aspect at the heart of company services, emphasizing contribution over results. This unique approach, they believe, will foster more authentic interactions with clients and drive innovation.

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