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Promoting Sierra Leone’s artistic heritage online

"Artistic Sierra Leone"
“Artistic Sierra Leone”

Sahr Martin Kabba, founding member of Train to Sierra Leone, is channeling his unique graphic design skills towards promoting the art, history, and culture of his home nation. Operating primarily online, Kabba’s project connects the global community to Sierra Leone’s unique artistic heritage.

From the heart of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, the initiative is amplifying the work of emerging local artists, driven by Kabba’s profound respect for his country’s cultural heritage. It’s an artistic exploration of Sierra Leone’s intricate art forms, and a journey through the nation’s history, projecting a vivid picture of its evolution.

Train to Sierra Leone is a treasure trove for art lovers, history buffs, advocates of cultural preservation, and creative minds seeking inspiration or partnership. It stands not only as an exhibition of Sierra Leone’s vibrant culture, but also serves as a catalyst for artistic growth and valuable partnerships. Its growing archive is a testament to values that break geographical boundaries and foster worldwide appreciation for Sierra Leone’s unique cultural identity.

Kabba’s intricate collages, inspired by extensive research into Sierra Leone’s history and creatively repurposing domestic archival materials, form the visual identity of the platform. The collages, blending fragments of newspaper clippings, photographs, and handwritten letters, reflect the country’s cultural history and unearth overlooked narratives.

Amplifying Sierra Leone’s cultural heritage online

They serve as a dialogue on national identity and collective memory, encapsulating the heart of the nation.

Beyond their aesthetic value, Kabba’s work fosters consciousness and a sense of belonging among the viewers, encouraging Sierra Leoneans to understand their history and identity more profoundly. This intertwining of history and art provides the platform with a unique visual identifier, linking Sierra Leone’s past, present, and future.

Kabba’s design method also serves as a medium to express abstract ideas and stimulate innovative thinking. His works are personal, showcasing his experiences and perspectives, and providing him with a unique form of emotional release.

In the future, Kabba aims to host more events, exhibits, and workshops through Train to Sierra Leone, with a view to amplify local artists’ voices. He hopes that this platform will inspire similar initiatives across Africa and demonstrate the potential of art and culture for fostering community engagement and societal advancement.

Train to Sierra Leone continues to evolve and provide a visual narrative of the nation’s story. It captures monumental historical moments, tributes to notable individuals, and snapshots of the nation’s vibrant artistic landscape. Each piece is a testament to those who shaped Sierra Leone’s cultural fabric, creating a diverse collection of the nation’s rich artistic heritage.

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