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Mailer’s Software Debuts List Enhancement Service

Mailer’s Software, San Clemente, CA, has introduced a service providing 12 types of list enhancement for bulk mailers and direct marketers.

The service includes, at no cost, a front-end software called Listware, which prepares a list for cleansing and enhancement processes and updates the list automatically.

“Listware saves business people who need to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their lists time, money and resources,” said Raymond Melissa, president of Mailer’s Software.

First Class volume mailers can save up to 9 cents per letter using Listware to verify, correct and standardize addresses. The USPS CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified address check processing also adds ZIP+4 and Carrier Route codes. Standard A bulk mailers can save with discounts that start at 6.4 cents per letter for nonautomated mail up to 16.5 cents per letter for automated mail.

Listware also provides National Change of Address processing and removes duplicate records. It can help target consumers with options that sort records by latitude and longitude, distance and gender.

The processed list can be returned to the customer — within three to five business days — via the Internet or on diskette. Listware can be downloaded off the Mailer’s Software web site at www.800mail.com/listware or by calling 800/800-MAIL. Mailer’s Software provides PC-based software, database and list services.

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