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Joy Allen-Altimare appointed as Saucony’s global CMO

Saucony's CMO
Saucony’s CMO

Saucony, a leading footwear brand, recently appointed Joy Allen-Altimare as the new Global Chief Marketing Officer. She will mainly be responsible for creating and managing marketing strategies for the brand, including customer interaction and global growth initiatives.

Allen-Altimare brings over two decades of experience in marketing and advertising, and her appointment emphasizes Saucony’s commitment to strengthening its brand identity. She has formerly held leadership roles at several significant companies and will utilize her expertise to propel Saucony’s marketing efforts.

As part of her role, Allen-Altimare will collaborate with the executive team to align brand initiatives with Saucony’s business strategy. She aims to expand and differentiate the brand’s audience in the highly competitive market. Her innovative marketing strategies are anticipated to contribute greatly to Saucony’s global growth.

Allen-Altimare will report directly to Saucony’s global brand president and will be a critical senior leadership team member. Her leadership skills and ability to create a productive work environment are expected to be integral to Saucony’s future growth.

Before her tenure with Saucony, Allen-Altimare worked as the Chief Revenue Officer of North America for Havas Media Network.

Saucony’s strategic appointment for global growth

Her previous roles include Chief Marketing Officer at Kindbody and Chief Revenue Officer at EHE Health.

Allen-Altimare’s appointment is crucial for Saucony. Her key objective is maintaining and enhancing the brand’s appeal to lifestyle consumers. She intends to implement transformative changes while preserving the brand’s tradition.

In addition to her commitment to the brand’s success, Allen-Altimare underscores her alignment with Saucony’s dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainable practices. She speaks passionately about her leadership experience and states that her skills align with Saucony’s vision of being a leader in the fitness industry.

Despite recent revenue declines, Wolverine Worldwide, the parent company of Saucony, remains optimistic about a positive future under President and CEO Chris Hufnagel. Allen-Altimare’s appointment marks a significant moment in the brand’s strategic plans to enhance customer engagement and improve its global reach.

Allen-Altimare’s extensive experience and proven track record in digital commerce, innovation, and brand strategy are trusted to leverage Wolverine Worldwide’s potential in the market. The company remains committed to its growth-focused objectives, particularly in enhancing its direct-to-consumer channels.

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