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Grafton businesses remain steadfast amidst flood threats

"Steadfast Grafton"
“Steadfast Grafton”

The Mississippi River in Grafton, Illinois, is nearing flood levels, threatening the parking area of a popular local establishment, The Loading Dock. Notwithstanding the imminent flood threat, businesses within the community remain steadfast and continue to operate profitably.

Missy Struif, spokesperson for The Loading Dock, reassures patrons that the restaurant is well-prepared for such eventualities and will continue with its operations. She emphasizes that the eatery’s unique waterfront location is intrinsic to its appeal despite the occasional water-related challenges that may arise.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that the river’s water level is considerably over flood stage at 22.54 feet. Businesses, including The Loading Dock, are actively monitoring additional rainfall from the remnants of Hurricane Beryl. NOAA has issued warnings to nearby residences and businesses to prepare for possible flooding.

As the water levels rise, accessibility to areas surrounding The Loading Dock may become increasingly difficult.

Grafton enterprises uphold resilience amid flooding

Grafton-based businesses have already started implementing flood contingency measures, such as securing valuable assets and apprising employees and customers of the situation. Regardless, establishments like The Loading Dock continue to prioritize public safety, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their stakeholders.

With the rising water levels, the Grafton Ferry temporarily suspended operations, impacting daily routines and necessitating adjustments to transportation methods. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and working fervently to find a resolution.

Despite these adversities, Grafton’s spirit, underpinned by the continued support of its residents and tourists, remains buoyant. The local businesses, fed by this enduring patronage, contribute to Grafton’s resilience. The city’s cultural events and local festivals continue to attract crowds, demonstrating the unyielding unity of the Grafton community.

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