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Fluz rebrands to attract younger demographic

"Younger Fluz"
“Younger Fluz”

Fluz, the popular collective earning app, has rebranded, aiming to rejuvenate its image within the financial sector. The focus is to attract a modern demographic with immersive point of interaction and powerful imagery.

Having established itself in 2018, Fluz has earned a distinguished reputation in the finance sector. It provides an array of financial services including account management, digital banking, and investment advice. The company is known for its innovative techniques to foster loyal customer relationships through cashback rewards on purchases, and simplified transactions.

This refreshing identity is the brainchild of design agency, Koto, which declared “Fluz empowers you to maximize your money” as the brand’s core identity. The novel slogan resonates within the fresh branding, symbolized through a courageous logo and captivating visuals.

The new logo features a robust and energetic design that mirrors the brand’s aim.

Fluz’s rejuvenation targets modern demographics

Koto made sure to incorporate an intuitive user experience design, simplifying customer interaction with Fluz. The result is a vibrant, and evolved Fluz, committed to optimizing users’ financial efficiency.

The rebrand highlights key Generation Z values such as openness and financial empowerment. It aims to connect financial services with the creative and community spirit of this generation, thereby ensuring the platform’s relevance in this era.

Arthur Foliard, Executive Creative Director at Koto, explains the rebranding is not just a visual makeover. He believes it is an opportunity to establish a strong and empowering brand image, resonating with a broader audience and strengthening the company’s brand value.

The new branding showcases a modern typographic trend and a color palette that articulates the brand’s energetic vibe. The designs cleverly mirror the evolution of money and attempt to make financial concepts more accessible to the average user. Overall, the new Fluz presents financial management as an exhilarating adventure rather than a daunting task, making it appealing for a wider audience.

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