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Does AI Deserve a Place Among Your Digital Marketing Tools?

Person using AI digital marketing tools to create content

There’s a war waging over artificial intelligence, with one side touting AI as the future, and the other arguing humans are always superior. We say, “Why not have both in your digital marketing tools?”

Artificial intelligence has become a staple across industries, streamlining tasks and boosting productivity. Even content marketing benefits from AI marketing tools.

However, despite its many benefits, AI has its limits. That’s why there needs to be a careful balance.

Learn how to use AI in content marketing and set limits to ensure you don’t compromise quality for convenience.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI marketing tools work best when performing repetitive or predictable tasks.
  • Use human content creators to add personal stories and unique perspectives to your content.
  • Human content marketers ensure AI-generated content is accurate, unbiased, and personalized.

How AI Marketing Tools Improve Digital Strategies

AI marketing tools can bolster digital marketing strategies, but they aren’t a magical cure for all marketing challenges. Here are a few ways AI can benefit content marketing, especially when utilized by a skilled digital marketing specialist.

Analyzing Large Amounts of Data

Data drives content marketing. It’s how modern marketers understand their audience, what topics customers search for, and what content is trending. Data also reveals how well content performs.

Manually analyzing data helps you see unique patterns and create new strategies. However, there’s simply too much data for people to process by themselves.

AI helps data analytics process more information to find patterns and analyze performance. Now, marketers can keep up with the growing amount of digital information.

Google has been using AI for data analytics for years already. For example, they use it to find relevant content in searches and reveal trends in Google Trends.

AI can also analyze your existing content to find new ways to optimize the content. For instance, it can scan similar content for keywords to help you remain competitive in search rankings. It can also identify improvement areas, like word count, images, and headings.

Streamlining Repetitive Tasks

While content marketing involves hours of writing and creativity, it also requires dozens of time-consuming, repetitive tasks. AI excels in repetitive environments where you can teach a tool a pattern it continues to copy.

Over half of marketers say creating content frequently boosts their ranking. However, keeping a content calendar with weekly or even daily ideas is time-consuming and mentally exhausting. AI helps marketers brainstorm to create ideas.

Tactics that help boost search engine ranking the most

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Here are several ways AI can streamline your brainstorming:

  • Identify content gaps among your competitors
  • Input prompts into AI tools for several angles
  • Research the industry and see the top trending topics and related terms

AI tools in digital marketing like Grammarly can also streamline editing by looking for common errors, giving content creators an extra level of assurance of top-quality work. Meanwhile, AI tools are transforming the ecommerce industry, enabling a seamless marketing-to-sales journey through automation.

Automating Content Scheduling

AI improves content scheduling since it allows creators to focus on research, optimization, and content creation. As creators produce content like blog posts, they can plan when it will post and forget about it.

Emails are also most effective when marketers automate them. That way, leads receive relevant email responses immediately after performing trigger actions. This keeps leads engaged.

Marketers can post on social media daily or even several times a day. Instead of remaining glued to social media, marketers can schedule posts and automatic replies until they can log on and address comments personally.

Where AI Marketing Tools Fall Short

While AI has many strengths, there are several areas where human content creators and marketers are more effective than even the best AI tools. Here are some ways AI still requires human contribution.

How AI is Changing Marketing and SEO (And How to Use it in Your Business)

Creating Original Content

AI can streamline tasks like brainstorming or outlining, but humans will need to create the actual content. Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT draw from existing ideas to create content. These ideas can be outdated, repetitive, and even incorrect.

In some instances, people have even started to create art with AI, infusing a unique touch into their blog posts and articles.

Human writers create original content from unique angles. They are authorities in their field that pull from personal experience rather than from other people’s ideas.

Google’s search algorithm also wants more original content using personal expertise and will penalize AI-generated content in searches. Only a human writer can offer true thought leadership content.

Connecting Personally with Leads

Most people can tell an AI-generated response from a personal reply. While AI aids in problem-solving and troubleshooting in customer service, marketing requires a personal touch.

Only human marketers and content creators can connect personally with leads. They can share personal stories, customized advice, and unique offers based on a customer’s individual situation. Customers respond much more positively to that personal touch.

Discerning the Best Content

There’s an old quote often attributed to Miles Kington that says, “Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Miles Kingston's quote

AI may know many facts and can put together impressive content. However, correctness doesn’t mean quality.

Despite AI’s vast database of information, it often lacks wisdom and discernment. AI suggestions come from patterns according to what makes logical sense. But it doesn’t consider nuances like poor quality, biased, or outdated data. It also doesn’t note cultural climates or recent news that might impact what’s suitable for publication and what would be insensitive.

The Harvard Business Review published several instances where AI made decisions a human would not have made. For instance, an AI self-driving car hit a pedestrian because the person wasn’t walking where the AI learned they should be.

Human authors use their intuition to analyze AI suggestions and discernment to identify content opportunities that AI might miss due to a lack of reliable or consistent data.

Invest in Quality Digital Marketing Tools

AI works best alongside human marketers to streamline repetitive tasks and provide different ideas. But AI won’t replace marketers entirely.

Invest in quality marketing tools. Not just marketing tools that make marketing more manageable but also enhance your content marketing quality. These are AI digital marketing tools that work alongside your human content creators to create authoritative thought leadership.

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