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CMOs leverage AI and cookieless advertising for brand expansion

AI Brand Expansion
AI Brand Expansion

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are challenged to amplify their brand profiles and reach new demographic segments in a shifting business environment. Advanced technologies like generative Artificial Intelligence and cookieless advertising are swiftly becoming the norm, gaining industry praise.

Adopting and effective leveraging of these emerging tools is crucial to remaining competitive. Not only do CMOs need to learn how to use these new technologies, but they must also comprehend how these tools can enhance their existing marketing strategies. The goal is to personalize connections and deepen relationships with target audiences.

Respected industry leaders who have navigated these challenges have been recognized on the annual “Most Innovative CMOs” list. Standouts from brands like Disney, Chipotle, PepsiCo, and Bobbie and tech companies like Workday and Kraken Digital Asset Exchange have broken through traditional barriers, infused their teams with progressive ideas, and nurtured company growth despite a global pandemic.

Asad Ayaz, the Chief Brand Officer at The Walt Disney Company, emerged as a leading example. In April, he was appointed Disney’s first Chief Brand Officer, broadening his current position as President of Marketing.

CMOs utilizing AI and cookieless ads for growth

Despite recent disruptions in film and TV production, Ayaz effectively guided the company, led the global celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, and formed new partnerships and social campaigns to expand Disney’s audience reach.

Ayaz’s strategies, which include initiating a Disney100 hub experience on TikTok and developing new consumer touchpoints, have played significant roles in boosting Disney’s market presence and solidifying its position as a global leader in entertainment. His visionary approach includes emphasizing surges in content quality and diversity, which has seen a substantial increase in Disney’s customer base and resultant revenue growth.

Another notable figure was Francisco Bram, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Albertsons Companies. He used health and wellness to cultivate customer relationships across the company’s 22 supermarket brands. Bram introduced Sincerely Health, an innovative app developed in partnership with healthcare providers and insurance companies, to help position Albertsons as a consumer wellness partner.

Under Bram’s leadership, Albertsons has begun to bridge the gap between health and retail. This new direction prioritizes health and wellness, fostering deeper customer connections and increasing customer loyalty. With this innovative approach, Albertsons aims to gain a competitive edge in the retail market, indicating the untapped potential of incorporating wellness initiatives into retail marketing strategies.

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