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CG Life merges PR and social media for consistent messaging

"Consistent Messaging Merge"
“Consistent Messaging Merge”

CG Life, a renowned firm, has revealed plans to consolidate its public relations and social media teams into a single strategic communications entity. The aim is to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent messaging across all platforms. CG Life believes this integrated approach will help harmonize its mission, vision, and business goals.

This decision comes after a recent business acquisition and vows to boost the company’s brand image. Erik Clausen, who has contributed significantly to CG Life, will head this combined structure. His role includes resolving communication issues encountered by pharmaceutical industry newcomers trying to gain a foothold in the market.

His leadership is expected to help emerging pharmaceutical firms articulate their brand and product values, thus enhancing their industry position. Clausen explains that consolidating the teams will aid these firms in overcoming communication hurdles in both their pre-commercial and commercial phases, therefore making for a successful transition.

Clausen believes that coordinated communication is critical in addressing any misconceptions at an early stage and facilitates constructive dialogues with stakeholders.

CG Life integrates PR and social media for efficiency

These dialogues can aid in building robust relationships and securing vital support for future enterprises.

Karen Sharma, previously a managing partner at MacDougall, will take on the role of Senior Vice President of Public Relations in the integrated group. She boasts rich industry experience and is expected to navigate public relations operations effectively, thus solidifying relationships with stakeholders and upholding the organization’s reputation.

CG Life has seen significant growth following a recent procurement, including the acquisition of Toolhouse, a digital agency, which has expanded its team by 60 members. Furthermore, consolidating its offices has elevated operational efficiency, and adding Toolhouse’s digital expertise has boosted the firm’s digital capabilities.

David Ormesher, the new CEO of CG Life, has spearheaded these strategic actions, including unifying the public relations and social media departments. This move marks another step towards his vision for company consolidation. His leadership has resulted in continuous company transformations, reinforcing its capabilities and market prominence.

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