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Babel PR transitions to employee-owned corporation

"Employee-Owned Transition"
“Employee-Owned Transition”

Babel PR, a leading B2B tech PR firm, has announced that it’s transitioning into an employee-owned corporation, setting up an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). This move indicates a crucial development phase for Babel PR, as employees stand to benefit directly from the firm’s success, signaling a committed reinvestment in the workforce.

The company pledges to the creation of a more collaborative and motivated working environment, reinforcing their belief in sustainable and equitable business models. The expectation is to boost loyalty, productivity and innovation, while catching the attention of top industry professionals to drive growth.

Despite the EOT holding most of the shares, Narelle Morrison, co-founder and former director at Hotwire PR, retains her position as the chief individual shareholder. Her continued investment includes a significant influence in the company.

In other developments, Ian Hood, co-founder, is retiring from regular managerial duties to serve as the board chair, overseeing the company’s operations at a broader level.

Babel PR’s shift to employee-owned model

Jenny Mowat, the former managing director, has been promoted to CEO, leading the company’s everyday operations.

Notably, Babel PR has recently enhanced their senior management team, including Katie Owen and Ash Lockett. Meanwhile, former director, Paul Campbell, ascends to a senior director role and has been elected as an employee representative on the EOT committee. Campbell’s promotion highlights his crucial contributions to the company.

Over the past year, Babel PR garnered £3.1 million in revenue, ranking it as the 132nd largest PR consulting firm in the UK. The firm is also among the top 25 tech PR companies in the area, reaffirming its dominance in the market.

The firm’s clientele includes prominent brands such as Veeam, Ciena, BICS, Orange Cyberdefense, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The legal transition into an employee-owned model was supervised by Cooper Cavendish LLP.

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