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Arizona State students win PSAid design competition

"PSAid Victory"
“PSAid Victory”

Students at Arizona State University studying graphic design are receiving national recognition due to their success in the PSAid competition. This competition encourages students to create public service announcements highlighting the importance of cash donations in international disaster relief situations.

The competition is organized by the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) and the United States Agency for International Development—Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID/BHA). Students from the ASU Design School’s graphic design program were challenged to conceptualize, construct, and finalize their designs in only two weeks.

Their attention to detail and hard work paid off, with the winning designs set to be broadcast in over 150 media markets across the country and on popular streaming platforms like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. The students’ contributions add value to their academic journey and help create impactful visual aids for international disaster relief programs.

One participant, Izie Figuero, emphasized the challenge of conveying the complex topic of cash donations in disaster relief, stating the importance of understanding the advantages and flexibility cash donations offer to recipients in need.

ASU students shine in PSAid design contest

She also highlighted the importance of empathetic design, which connects emotionally with the audience.

The competition served as a platform for these students to showcase their skills and highlight successful communication in handling humanitarian crises. The contest winner, Sydnee Reed, hopes people will understand the unique efficiency of cash donations offered during international disasters. Her winning piece demonstrated the diversity and flexibility cash donations offer during crises.

The winning designs, “Send Cash!” by EL Mikkelsen, “Unblocking Relief Efforts” by Emma Klarin, and “Change is Magic” by Sydnee Reed, spotlighted remarkable talent. These designs showcased the designers’ creative abilities and understanding of the impact of philanthropy on society.

It’s inspiring to see these young designers at Arizona State University using their skills to promote positive change while gaining practical exposure and nationwide recognition for their work.

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