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4 Predictions for Call Tracking and Mobile Marketing in 2015

Search via mobile has surpassed desktop search. More customers are now finding you via their smartphones than ever before. This shift is driving change in marketing budgets, ROI calculations, and the way businesses operate. The big question is this: What’s does this mean for marketing in 2015?

This webinar will provide a window into what to expect next year in terms of mobile marketing. Specifically: What does the growth of mobile search mean for your business? What changes can you expect to see in 2015? How can analytics help improve your mobile efforts?

Our experts will make four bold predictions about analytics and mobile marketing in 2015. You’ll also learn: 

  • How to benefit from the growth of mobile search
  • Ways to use analytics and call tracking to improve mobile search results
  • What the data says about mobile trends—and realities—in 2015
  • The 6 mobile musts for 2015

With mobile taking over the marketing world, this is one webinar you can’t afford to miss.

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